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Have you ever noticed buildings with cracks on their walls? Buildings and structures deteriorate as a result of various factors, including the strength and durability of the building materials used for construction. Though almost all building materials start to decay with time, some give buildings more strength and durability than others. So, why do buildings deteriorate?

  1. Substandard materials

When constructing a building, there are standard specifications that must be followed during construction. For example, when mixing concrete, there is a standard mixing ratio that must be followed when mixing the stone, cement, gravel, etc.  This is to ensure that the concrete used during the process of construction is strong enough to give the building the much-required durability.


  1. Poor construction methods

Involving professionals in your construction efforts is an asset. These professionals know the right dimension and standard operating procedures that must be carried out to ensure that the right construction methods are executed. When professionals in the construction field are not involved, poor construction methods will be used increasing the liability of deterioration or even collapse.


  1. Overloading of the building

When a building is being constructed, there is always a purpose to which it was constructed. If a building was constructed for residential purposes, and it is being used for industrial purposes, the building is most likely going to deteriorate with time looking at the heavy activity going on and heavy equipment operating in the building. The same goes for foundations. If you build a five-story building on a 2 story foundation, the building will not just deteriorate, it will collapse over time.


  1. Inadequate construction elements

Building deterioration occurs over time due to inadequate construction elements. Insufficient construction elements such as columns, beams, slabs, re-enforcements, depth of foundation, etc. are major contributing factors to the deterioration of buildings.


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